Month: November 2017

Kevin Hart’s new comedy special – “What Now?” – Review

I am huge Kevin Hart fan, and after his last stand up special in 2013, all of us fans have been waiting for the next hour of pure comedy. And it was finally announced to be shown in movie theaters in 2016. People could go on the tours much earlier, but for a student deep in debt like me, traveling to closest city to go to concert wasn’t really an option. So i just forced myself to forget about it for few months until it came out on big screen. It wasn’t that easy though, i did occasionally watch some Youtube clips and read reviews by people who went to the show. Both of those things convinced me that this special wasn’t going to be top notch, and not even close to his best specials in 2013 and 2011. It is probably because he got super famous shortly after 2013, and started to have very tight schedule because of the films he was in. And i can’t blame him, if anything, i love him for that. His movies are so funny and joy to watch, but i wish he had more time to spend on doing comedy.

I bought the tickets as soon as my schedule allowed it, and headed to the theatre to see the whole thing, and i have to say, it was better than i anticipated. I spent most of the time laughing out loud, but there were few minutes when it wasn’t as funny as we expect from Kevin Hart. In summary, though, i do think it was the funniest standup special of the year.

I should also briefly review Kevin’s book, “I can’t make this up” which came out earlier this year. Unlike the standup, i have absolutely no complaints about the book. It was one of the best self-development books i have ever read. He tells his story of growing up in Philadelphia, getting into comedy and then Hollywood, failing in Hollywood only to come back few years later bigger than ever. Book is thoroughly funny as you would expect from Kevin Hart, and very enjoyable to read. But it’s not only about fun stories, he also tells the story of his childhood and his relationship with his mom. Then, his mother’s death and how he handled it. He also mentions it in his 2011 special, but he tries to keep it positive. His mom actually died three years earlier, and it was one of the most difficult things for him to handle. But he didn’t give in to despair, and used the sadness to make his mom proud. Honestly, read the book and you’ll be laughing your butt off one moment, and you’ll be holding tears the next.


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