Kevin Hart’s new comedy special – “What Now?” – Review

I am huge Kevin Hart fan, and after his last stand up special in 2013, all of us fans have been waiting for the next hour of pure comedy. And it was finally announced to be shown in movie theaters in 2016. People could go on the tours much earlier, but for a student deep in debt like me, traveling to closest city to go to concert wasn’t really an option. So i just forced myself to forget about it for few months until it came out on big screen. It wasn’t that easy though, i did occasionally watch some Youtube clips and read reviews by people who went to the show. Both of those things convinced me that this special wasn’t going to be top notch, and not even close to his best specials in 2013 and 2011. It is probably because he got super famous shortly after 2013, and started to have very tight schedule because of the films he was in. And i can’t blame him, if anything, i love him for that. His movies are so funny and joy to watch, but i wish he had more time to spend on doing comedy.

I bought the tickets as soon as my schedule allowed it, and headed to the theatre to see the whole thing, and i have to say, it was better than i anticipated. I spent most of the time laughing out loud, but there were few minutes when it wasn’t as funny as we expect from Kevin Hart. In summary, though, i do think it was the funniest standup special of the year.

I should also briefly review Kevin’s book, “I can’t make this up” which came out earlier this year. Unlike the standup, i have absolutely no complaints about the book. It was one of the best self-development books i have ever read. He tells his story of growing up in Philadelphia, getting into comedy and then Hollywood, failing in Hollywood only to come back few years later bigger than ever. Book is thoroughly funny as you would expect from Kevin Hart, and very enjoyable to read. But it’s not only about fun stories, he also tells the story of his childhood and his relationship with his mom. Then, his mother’s death and how he handled it. He also mentions it in his 2011 special, but he tries to keep it positive. His mom actually died three years earlier, and it was one of the most difficult things for him to handle. But he didn’t give in to despair, and used the sadness to make his mom proud. Honestly, read the book and you’ll be laughing your butt off one moment, and you’ll be holding tears the next.


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How to build a good culture in a company

I don’t think there are two people on this planet that totally agree on what makes a company successful. Some people think it’s the idea, while others think it’s timing or execution. Personally, i think the one thing that can make or break a start up or a company is culture. And overlooking it can absolutely ruin companies even with perfect ideas and top notch execution. And building a foundation for good culture isn’t just hiring people with similar values to you, either. The best cultures are the ones that encourage employees to give critical feedback, even if it’s CEO getting the feedback. Actually, CEOs should be the first ones to ask for critical feedback, inspiring employees by actions instead of words.

Another reason why receiving critical feedback is important is because it gets rid of groupthink that naturally happens when like-minded people spend a lot of time together. We can see this on both sides – people start belonging to a group, and adapt to group’s ideas and morals instead of having their own. Which is very dangerous not only for the person, but whole company. People engaged in groupthink won’t be able to notice disaster that can put their company out of business, therefore they can’t stop it.

So how should business leaders inspire diversity of thought in employees? There are few methods, but as i stated before, the best one is leading by example. They should put themselves up to be criticized publicly and try to learn something from the feedback. Knowing that the leader of a company is himself approving this, employees will be more courageous to give feedback to their managers without having the fear of being fired.

I am an employee now as well, and quite unhappy at my workplace. I wish my manager had read the same articles about how successful companies with critical cultures are. I want to start my own company one day, and i know i’ll definitely be using these tips to be more competitive.


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How i managed to live on minimum wage independently for 3 years

When i was 19, i was at very rough point in my life. I had just dropped out of college, because didn’t want my parents to waste money on useless education. Spoiler alert : Now i’m doing fine and getting paid six-figure salary at tech company, but let’s focus on my main story.

So i was out of college and working at Walgreens. Pay was not quite minimum wage, but very close to it. And i didn’t really want to move back in with my parents, as they were quite angry with me for not going through my education. I got my friend to let me stay for a little while, and even though he wasn’t complaining , i knew he was bothered so i had to figure something out. Rents in New Jersey are not as high in NYC, but living there is still pretty expensive compared to the rest of the country. So i was looking at around thousand dollars for a room, which was around third of my salary. It was doable, i thought, so after a few weeks of desperate search, i found a room in decent location for seven hundred dollars. It wasn’t the room of my dreams – it was tiny and couldn’t fit much but the bed, one small closet and a desk with a chair. But it was perfect for my situation, so i jumped on opportunity and rented it for myself. With housing covered, now i had to figure out how to feed myself and save some money to start something on my own. I always dreamt of starting my own business, so this was my opportunity to actually do it, nothing could hold me back. Well, except for lack of money, but that could be solved.

Feeding myself didn’t turn out to be as expensive as i had expected. I’ve always watched my spending and looked twice at price tag before buying something, but now i became obsessed with saving money on food, and i was doing great. I managed to buy most things at discount and even though it wasn’t the healthiest diet, i was getting by just fine. Thanks to these extremes that i went to in order to save money, i had spare hundred or two that wasn’t assigned to anything, so i decided that i’d make that going out budget. So at the end of the day, it wasn’t that bad. I was never dining in restaurants, but i always had money to go out to see a movie on weekend and even invite people.

Now fast forward nine years, i’ve learned programming myself and moved out to San Francisco where i got a job. I did start some businesses, some of which have failed, but i’m not planning on giving up so easily. I have much more budget for my own entertainment now, but i still try to keep it down and go through online reviews carefully before buying anything. I dream of starting tech startup now, and have few good ideas, so i’m looking forward to future and what it holds for me.


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Using chocolate while baking – tips and few secrets

As long as I could remember, chocolate was among my main extra curricular pursuits. By brownies to birthday cake into mousse, I have formed a psychological bond with all the substance. I adore all of it: by the mild and smoky Hershey’s Kiss to the sweet astringency of a black chocolate bar. Who’d not become totally hooked on some thing which adds such a flavor, rich feel, and also inexplicable allure?

Originally absorbed with the Aztecs as a frothy, bitter beverage, chocolate has been believed to own divine possessions and has been considered so valuable that it had been used as money.

As chocolate went with all the Spanish explorers, sugarcane and honey were inserted to match European tastes, and it immediately became a elite and trendy beverage all through Spain. It wasn’t till the growth of industrialization, and also the assistance of chocolate giants such as Rodolphe Lindt, Henri Nestle, along with Milton Hershey, which chocolate has become widely accessible. By “food of the gods” into “gimme a rest,” chocolate crosses countless tastes and cultures but still remains a coveted cure as well as fixing. Despite the long history, lots of transformations and apparently endless types, that you never need to be Aztec god, nor oompa-loompa, to comprehend and love chocolate.

To get bakers, chocolate is 1 hell of an intricate component–over 600 volatile chemicals bring about its odor and flavor. Therefore, in the event that you would like to bake with chocolate, then it can help to learn some principles. Chocolate’s taste and feel are all products of this assortment of cacao tree, where it has increased, and also the way that it’s fermented, roasted, dried, and also hardened. Here is the thing you want to understand.

What is the distinction? Cacao refers into this tree, pods, and seeds out of which chocolate is based.

Cacao will not become cocoa before bunny is fermented and opened. That is when you receive all the kinds of cherry: powder, butter, and spirits.

Whether you get a small batch chocolate pub or a industrially fabricated product, all-chocolate consists of some of the exact standard ingredients. It’s the combo of these things which gives chocolate special qualities. Is it creamy and rich? Does this melt readily? Might it be candy or could it be sour?

Whilst the proportion of ingredients determines alot about the finished solution, it is maybe not the entire picture. If you were to think of chocolate for a recipe, then the strategy to generate the chocolate is quite as critical as the ingredients. Exactly enjoy a baker, it’s function of this chocolate manufacturer to finely deliver together the ingredients.

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